Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Famous Interior Designer and Artist-Gary Decker

As an interor designer and artist Gary Decker creates a unique blend of style. Gary Decker adopts a professional approach in all his interor design assignments and that involves his clear understanding of the expectations of each of his clients.

Once Decker gets a clear vision of what his client needs, he provides them with various design and decor options. Gary Decker’s ideas are unimaginable and he specializes in providing interior designs suited to the different situations and varying budgets of the customer.
Gary Decker builds trust bebfore building anything. He solves any problem and there are no impossible tasks for him. He takes the design, and brings it to life.
Gary’s style also integrates effective space management in homes, combined with better designs, and he ensures that every project gives a refreshingly good look to any space and he Fulfills his clients’ desires & budget. He often matches the cost of different materials used in interiors to ensure that the project always stays within the proposed budgets.
Gary Decker as a Top-Rated Interior Design Expert transforms your interior space to creatively reflect your personal taste, style and design needs. His job is to capture his clients’ dreams and bring them to life.
As an interior designer expert and an artist, every design that he creates is one-of-a-kind, never been used and totally never been seen.
He believes that the best thing that you can do to your customer is to give them an aesthetic beauty, a unique design which they will never see the same thing similar with it.
Gary’s remodeling and design ideas gives form to impossibilities.
He has the passion of creating stylish and contemporary designs that are stunning. As a great interior designer, Gary’s first goal is to understand his client’s needs as well as the ability to eye for details in the design process.

Some tips from Gary Decker.

* In-home Consultation
A qualified designer will come to your home and together, you will determine the scope of your project and establish a budget and schedule.
* Floor Plans and Presentations
Your designer will provide a detailed floor plan with suggestions on color, fabrics and furnishings often including your existing pieces. This is the perfect time to come to the store to compare products and make selections.
* Custom Draperies and Dressings
Beverly Hall designers have created countless original drapery and bedding designs. Once a design has been created and approved by you, the fabric is chosen and your designer oversees production in a highly qualified workroom.
* Complete Installation Process
From delivery of new furniture to the careful installation of drapery hardware, your designer will be present to make sure that every aspect of your project goes as planned.
* Accessory Calls
Accessories are the finishing touches that make a room complete. Your designer will help you select and place new and existing accessories.
* Shopping Services
Our designers provide shopping services for antiques, rugs and many items that do not come from Beverly Hall. Our fee for this service is based on a very competitive hourly rate.
* Building and Remodeling Assistance
Beverly Hall has designers who are skilled at assisting you and your architect or building contractor in choosing fixtures, flooring and counters ÐÐ everything down to the drawer pulls.


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